There has been a shift in how PADEP is implementing the biosolids land application program.  Due to Act 38, related to manure management, this will affect both wastewater treatment plant managers and farmers who land apply biosolids.

What will these changes mean?  What action needs to be taken?

Well, for instance, if Class B biosolids are being land applied to farms permitted for biosolids and the farmer land applies manure, the farm should have a manure management plan or, if they have livestock, they may need a nutrient management plan.  The plans should be reviewed by the biosolids producer and/or land application contractor to verify that there is not a surplus of manure or nutrients overall.

If the wastewater treatment plant is delivering Exceptional Quality (EQ) biosolids to farmers, they should also check the manure management plan to verify that biosolids is not being applied in excess of agronomic rate.  However, if a wastewater treatment plant produces EQ biosolids and the end users come and pick the product up, then the plant is only required to provide a user information sheet.  This sheet will enable the farmer to determine agronomic rate and to comply with any required management practices.

Garvey Resources, Inc. provides Nutrient Management Specialist services and can assist wastewater treatment plants and farmers in the development and implementation of Nutrient Management Plans, Manure Management Plans and Odor Management Plans.  If you are interested in this service that we offer, please feel free to call or email us.  You can reach Diane Garvey at 215-36-24444 or


About Diane Garvey

Diane Garvey has over 20 years experience as an environmental engineer in the areas of wastewater engineering services and biosolids management. She is proficient in environmental planning, processing, quality control, permitting, marketing, public relations, and recycling. In addition to helping Water Quality Managers comply with State and Federal regulations, Garvey Resources, Inc. offers an array of services including biosolids management planning, permitting assistance, and public outreach and environmental education programs. We are also certified in nutrient and odor management planning.
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