Make a List and Check It Twice!

At this time of year, we remind our clients to collect the information needed for the annual biosolids report. 

Reports are due to USEPA on February 17, 2012 and to PA DEP on March 1, 2012. 

All publicly owned treatment works should have received the “sludge DMRs” from USEPA.  In addition to information on quantities produced, disposed and utilized, biosolids land appliers must also test for nutrients, metals and PCBs. 

When Garvey Resources prepares annual reports for our clients, we always highlight analytical testing and management practices that go above and beyond the regulatory requirements. 

Congratulations to all biosolids producers who have completed another year of beneficial use and 100% compliance!


About Diane Garvey

Diane Garvey has over 20 years experience as an environmental engineer in the areas of wastewater engineering services and biosolids management. She is proficient in environmental planning, processing, quality control, permitting, marketing, public relations, and recycling. In addition to helping Water Quality Managers comply with State and Federal regulations, Garvey Resources, Inc. offers an array of services including biosolids management planning, permitting assistance, and public outreach and environmental education programs. We are also certified in nutrient and odor management planning.
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