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Diane Garvey has over 20 years experience as an environmental engineer in the areas of wastewater engineering services and biosolids management.

Investigative Reporter “Discovers” Biosolids!

The Mid Atlantic Biosolids Association (MABA) recently reported on a three-part, “so-that’s-how-it’s-done!”  video presentation outlining the cycle of human waste management in New York City.  The video, produced by VICE Media LLC, is entitled, “You Don’t Know S…,” and tracks … Continue reading

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Should Wastewater Treatment Plant Workers Be Concerned About Ebola?

Reports about the spread of the Ebola virus continue to make headlines in the news.  The focus has primarily been on health care workers, but what of those in the wastewater treatment field?  Are they at risk?  According to information … Continue reading

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Top Soil Blending with EQ Biosolids

Recent enforcement action by PADEP against a biosolids processor and topsoil blender using Exceptional Quality (EQ) biosolids warrants review of State and Federal regulations, as well as interpretation of the regulations and permit conditions. One little known regulatory interpretation in … Continue reading

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Land Applier’s Compliance Checklist

If you are a biosolids manager who land applies biosolids to farmland, or utilizes a contractor to land apply your biosolids, the spring is a great time to check for compliance.  The following is not a complete list, but it … Continue reading

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An Update on Regrowth, Odors, and Sudden Increase in Biosolids Research

Recently, a WERF-sponsored research study addressed the challenge of developing effective ways for utilities to manage the issues of regrowth, odors, and sudden increase (ROSI) of indicator and pathogenic bacteria in biosolids.  A draft of the study’s final report entitled, … Continue reading

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There has been a shift in how PADEP is implementing the biosolids land application program.  Due to Act 38, related to manure management, this will affect both wastewater treatment plant managers and farmers who land apply biosolids. What will these … Continue reading

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Anticipated Revisions to Federal Standards for Biosolids Land Application (40CFR Part503)

For years we have been hearing from EPA that Class A pathogen reduction Alternatives 3 and 4 will be “going away.”  EPA scientists are concerned that the current analytical procedures are not rigorous enough to identify helminth ova and enteric … Continue reading

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